#BrooklynGirlCode™ Founder and Editor Aziza Hassan is a Writer, professional Content Producer and competitive Fencer! Aziza graduated from Temple University‘s School of Communication and Theater in Philadelphia with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations.

After previously creating content for several websites including Genius, Music Choice, Hip Hop My WayTime Out New YorkHollywoodLife, SOHH.com, So Raspy and others, Aziza decided to create #BrooklynGirlCode™ in 2016 to keep readers informed on all things trending in the news.

Due to the recent high increase of coders needed in the digital content industry, Aziza, who is originally from Brooklyn, New York by way of Charleston, S.C. decided to name the site #BrooklynGirlCode™ because she is a true Brooklyn Girl who loves to code! Enjoy the site and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. – Xoxo

 #BrooklynGirlCode™ is a lifestyle/entertainment website for intelligent readers who enjoy reading about all things trending in music, politics, sports and business. please feel free to leave any feedback, comments or questions on the site and thanks in advance for visiting! ❤


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